We Do It All

From initial concept to printing and distribution, Big Picture Multimedia covers every facet of magazine publishing. Working directly with clients and organizations, we'll gather useful information and organize it into a high quality publication packed with useful content designed to maximize readers' experiences and opportunities for local advertisers.

Our System

With years of award-winning journalism experience in news, magazine and event guide publishing, and a talented sales team, we work hard to perfect the process.

What We Do

  • Information Gathering: A BPM representative meets with event organizers, clients, committees, etc., and attends planning meetings to discuss needs, collect information and form a design plan.

  • Ad Sales and Design: Months before the established print date, BPM representatives conduct a thorough sales campaign targeting publication-specific advertisers looking to enhance sales potential.

  • Layout: Using award-winning design techniques, BPM combines all event content into a high quality, print ready design.

  • Printing: BPM covers all printing and delivery costs.

  • Video Option: For an extra fee, BPM also offers video coverage of events for marketing and promotional purposes.

We Guarantee

  • Top quality content, design, editing, layout and printing

  • Professional journalism standards

  • Friendly service

  • Low costs

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